Molly is one of the enthusiastic and passionate Reformer Pilates Instructors, here at La Porte Space. Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas, she uses her extensive knowledge to create classes that are always interesting and will keep you moving to the last minute. The classes are guaranteed to be filled with fun, new moves that will leave you with the best kind of burn. Try Molly's classes if you want a full body workout, with special emphasis on the core and glutes.


Sari began her love of movement at a young age. An equestrian rider and keen net baller lead her to pursue the art of Pilates and the mind body connection found in the sequences.

Certified 10 years ago in the STOTT Method and has taught throughout Sydney and LA, Sari’s class’s focus on the discovery of individual strength, control and tapping into the playful meditative flow within each exercise. Sari is also a Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor and finds the beauty in the union of teaching the two methods of movement.


Alice is a Pilates Instructor and Pilates Teacher Trainer with Breathe Education. She has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry since 2009. Holding a Health Science degree, and gaining various Pilates qualifications through Elixr Pilates, STOTT Pilates, Xtend Barre and and Breathe Education.

Alice aims to provide an empowering and challenging class, encouraging participants to explore their true capabilities.

She has featured in Women’s Health Magazine Australia, Women’s Health&Fitness Magazine Middle East, and is apart of the Ambassador Alumni for Lululemon Athletica George St Sydney. Alice hopes to deliver a refreshing holistic approach to health and fitness.


Introduced to Pilates over 10 years ago, Ivan found in the practice something more than a simple exercise. Through Pilates Ivan discovered a deep connection, control, and better understanding of his body in every movement.

Ivan provides a tailored, dynamic and unique class each week, exploring different movements, and working on individual needs while meeting basic objectives. Ivan's goal is empower and awake freedom of movement in every client, while exploring the always changing human body.


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